Health success stories from happy clients.

Lauren Poildoro

“We love it! Most of our clients still want to use it after training with us which has been awesome to see. For us, the app builds credibility and everyone really likes it. There is nothing out there like it. Also, it has helped scale our business. We started at 120 clients and now are able to manage 300! Overall it’s helped tremendously.“

Cassandra Suarez-Becker, MS, RD, LDN, ACE-CPT

“I love the meal planning feature. It saves time and is easy to edit compared to paper meal plans. The check-in system allows you to download a PDF and see weights/measurements/spreadsheet on all of my clients. Also, it is easy to switch coaches.”

Allie Bitzer

“Feed4Function has been phenomenal for communication with my coach and tracking my progress! It is super easy to use and see my updated plan. I was working on balancing my hormones with my health practitioner, and this app allowed for us to track my progress and daily symptoms. Looking back, I can see how far I have come! It makes the journey well worth it.”

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