Nutrition success starts with the right patient management software.

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Monitor and manage the nutritional wellbeing of your patients.

When patients come to a dietician, nutritionist, or health practitioner, they’re often in need of a nutrition plan that works within their everyday lives — and a program that they can actually stick to — because their health depends upon it.

With Feed4Function, health practitioners can bolster patient compliance through our interactive, individualized patient management software that encourages accountability, while also allowing you to scale your practice and provide exceptional customer service. 

Creating customized meal plans, tracking progress for multiple patients, and communicating with those patients are now faster and easier than ever.

Create meal plans and monitor progress.

Allow patients (or yourself) to easily build meal plans based on your nutritional guidance and monitor progress using customizable metrics such as measurements, activity levels, water intake, and more.

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Scale your business and increase revenue.

Feed4Function lets you manage multiple patients and other health practitioners in one centralized location, which means one thing: business growth! What’s more, you can earn a commission as you bring on more patients.

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Provide an unparalleled client experience.

Our state-of-the-art patient management software lets you communicate with patients centrally. You can also send auto-reminders to patients to enhance customer service and improve client accountability.

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Customize our interface to build your brand.

Bring your business to life by customizing features and adding your logo to enhance credibility and create an individualized experience. Each patient and practitioner is unique, which means your patient management software should be, too.

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How It Works

Set up your account.

Our one-time setup fee is just $40!


Start onboarding patients.

Patients can purchase their own monthly plan, or you can cover them with licensing bundles.


Set goals and track results.

Monitor progress using customizable metrics and daily reports.




(no recurring monthly cost)

Start managing patients immediately when you set up your Feed4Function account.
You can have patients pay for their own monthly access by directing them to purchase an Individuals & Clients plan.
Or you can pay for your patients by purchasing a single client license (priced at $10.99) or a license bundle (starting at $100 for 10 licenses).
Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns regarding your account as all sales are final.
Oversight from Registered Dieticians

Optimize patient meal plans with expert reviews up to twice per month.


Easily cover the cost of Feed4Function for multiple clients.


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